$299.00 Per Day  
When you rent a Moonbounce, you
can also rent a Dunk Tank for only $199.00!
Dunking tanks have been delighting crowds for
years.  The concept of dunking the boss at the
company picnic, or dunking the local "celebrity" at
fund raising events has become an American
pastime. The Easy Dunker has always been a
leading money maker at fairs, carnivals,
and block parties as well as a great rental item.

The Easy Dunker is trailer-mounted for easy
transportation and sets up in two minutes
without any tools.
$45.00 Per Day + $6.00 Per Flavor
Here is a a unique, smaller, more portable
sno-cone machine  made from rugged roto-
cast polyethylene so it’s lightweight but has
a heavy-duty motor and hard-wearing
components like the heavier, less portable
metal models.

Great for fund-raising events as well as
summer family events.
$30.00 Per Day
Kids LOVE making Spin Art - Great fun for parties, great money-maker for fund
raising events.
Age Range - With supervision, this game is appropriate for ages 3 and up.
Space -  An area 2' x 2' is required to set up each machine. The actual machine size
is 18" x 16" by 20" high. You will need a sturdy table or counter to place the Spin Art
machine on. You may place it on the floor or ground for small children. You will also
need space to spread out the artwork to dry -  we recommend newspapers on a
table or the floor.
People - An adult must supervise the machine at all times. Children must not be
allowed to use the Spin Art unattended.
How to Play:
Place a card or flying disc (frisbee) in the machine then drop in paint and watch it swirl around to create unique works of art. We use the
Fun Spinner for our spin art because of the extra safe design. The spinner only works with the lid closed which keeps little fingers safe.

Spin Art is not only a fun activity, but the kids have something to take home as well. You will need to allow for about 10 minutes for the
paint to dry. Make a memento out of the spin art cards with our specially sized spin art frames.
$145.00 Per Day + $8.00 Per Flavor
For the ultimate in cool drinks, choose this Frusheez Slush Machine for your
next summertime event. High quality compressors make these machines
very reliable and fast freezing. 3.7 gallon per bowl capacity.
Frusheez Slush
available in 9
Everyone loves cotton candy, and now you can
have it at your family or fund-raising event!

This Econo-Floss Cotton Candy Machine makes
4 servings per minute and over 100 oz. of cotton
candy per hour.
$50.00 Per Day
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